Monica Virga, despite her young age, has been in the makeup/fashion industry for over 25 years. It's a passion that started when Monica was just a teenager growing up in her hometown, Milan, and after years of trying to find everything from the eyeliner that doesn't run, to foundation that doesn't cake - she decided to make it herself.  Her makeup line is great for everyone, and not to mention it's affordable. From spray on bronzer and blush to tinted lip gloss and face creams, Virga has a full assortment of special occasion and everyday beauty products.

Her products are known for lasting all day, in fact Monica even sleeps in her Terracotta spray-on bronzer foundation, and wakes up that morning looking just as flawless! Her spray-on bronzer is the only one on the market, it offers light to medium coverage, gives a bronzing effect, and can be used on a range of skin colors. The spray-on also provides sun protection and is waterproof! 
If you're looking for a heavier coverage, Monica suggests using her HD foundation that'll conceal those problem areas while still achieving that natural result. The foundation dries quickly and ensures a perfect seal for the entire day. In addition, this foundation is infused with Argan extract for anti-aging properties!

Her eye shadows are great whether you're looking for a more subtle daytime look, or going for a dramatic night-out look. Better yet, you can get both of those effects using the same product - all you have to do is apply some water to the shadows to get that dramatic look! They are rich in pigment and infused with vitamin E! Find out for yourself why everyone's raving about these products! 



"I have sensitive, fair skin and the makeup felt wonderful on my face. Her pricing is very reasonable as well."
- Danielle D. 
 "The airbrush foundation is very light weight and blends into my skin perfectly! It is my first time trying airbrush foundation, and I am loving it! You definitely want to try it if you had no idea what a difference it can make. My skin just looks flawless with the airbrush."
- Jiadai (Karen) L